I’ve been meaning to write this post for the past week or so, but each time I sit in front of my computer I suddenly loose all motivation and I end up watching another korean drama or vegan recipes videos. Since coming back from Malaysia and Myanmar, I haven’t been feeling my best, and if […]


If you’re following me on Instagram and on Youtube (where I uploaded the video of my trip to Myanmar), you probably know that I am missing the country a lot. Being back in Paris still feels odd and unfamilar, as if I were about to leave again for somewhere far away. Well, I am going […]


Yangon is not an easy city to fall in love with, unless you were born and raised there. As objective as you could be, the city has a lot of flaws and when you enter downtown, after a long taxi ride from the airport, you see them clearly. Stray dogs everywhere, intense traffic jam punctuated […]

On anxiety and traveling.

I usually write about the places I have been to, why I loved them, the people I met there and how much I want to go back. Most of the writing that’s done about travelling focuses on the after or during travel. The travel blues, the nostalgia, sharing wonderful memories, writing down what just happened […]

Kyoto – the quiet one.

Kyoto is definitely a must see when you’re visiting Japan, for several reasons. If (like me), you have studied japanese history, it feels simply amazing to be in one of the most important city of the country. If (like me again) you like temples, mindblowing architecture and religious landmarks, that’s the place for you. If […]

A day in Zagreb.

One of my favourite things when travelling is one day trips, or side trips as I like to call them. I love the feeling of travel within travelling. For example staying in Tokyo and deciding on a whim to take the train to see the second biggest statue in the world in Ushiku, or venturing […]

Let’s do a book club!

I am a little bit nervous writing this post, because it’s a first. And not only is this a first, it’s also something I would love to go well. This blog is mostly going to be about travelling, but it’s not too much of a far-fetched thing to say that this is somehow related to […]

My favourite churches.

I have a soft spot for religious buildings, of all sorts. Since I have travelled mostly in Europe, most of the buildings I have visited are churches, but I am fine with that. As much as I love most religious aesthethics, I have an even softer spot for Christian aesthethics. Therefore, whenever I am travelling […]

Vegan in Japan?

It’s been now three years since I became vegan, and one of the questions I get the most in regards to my lifestyle is how difficult is it to conciliate not eating animals or their by products and traveling. As if there were no fruits, pasta, vegetables and cereals in every country. Now, I’m being […]