I’m a sucker for Germany. I LOVE Germany. I could even deal with its cold weather and early nights. I’ve been to a few cities already, Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Köln, to a few amazing places Neuschwanstein, Königsee, Sans-Souci, Eltz… And you’d think I’d get bored but that’s actually the opposite. Going back to France gets a bit more difficult each time now. I miss the quietness and nature yet the convenient transports, the various restaurants and shops, the amazing vegan options, the castles and the little villages, the smell of fried potatoes and leaving stores with a tschüss!
I miss hearing german! I love this language, I miss laughing at some of their funny words, or filling up my bag with food so much cheaper than in Paris!
A while ago I wrote a post for my friend Colleen’s blog (here) in which I was asked where I could picture myself living. I replied Tokyo, which is true, but Germany… I’d move there in an heartbeat. Without any worries. It feels so familiar, and like the perfect place to live according to my lifestyle and personnality. We’ll just have to do something about your winters Germany, because clearly, my italian side cannot handle them very well. Even with gloves.


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  1. It's soo beautiful! =)

  2. whoa, so pretty. I'm thinking of going to Germany in January and now I'd like to go even more! 🙂

  3. It's very pretty. But, you are by far, the brightest flower there.

  4. I enjoyed watching your vlogs! Your Germany travel posts are some of my favorite.

  5. Lots of love from Germany 🙂

  6. Inspirational 🙂 … This world is really beautiful

  7. Oh wow, that guest post was so long ago! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 x

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