Sometimes life surprises you. In both ways. Belgium was a very good surprise. I had no expectation and wasn’t in a very positive mindset, I was only wishing for some fresh air, new streets, unknown faces and sceneries. I’m glad I booked this 6hours bus ride to this charming country, that I ignored for too long and will definitely be visiting again. It’s true what they say, to travel is to live. Travels heal. And friends are precious, the number one precious thing in my life. You don’t need to travel to the other half of the world to discover great places and make beautiful memories. Sometimes all it takes is a few miles and a bus.

3 Replies to “Liège&Bruges”

  1. omg .. the pictures are wonderful 😀

  2. Quelles belles photos, Emy! J'aime tellement ton blog 🙂

  3. Bruges is beautiful. Thanks to your photos, Liège is definitely my next go-to!xxx

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