Salzburg is one of these cities that I really wanted to go back to but never quite enough to make the trip. Going to Budapest by train not only was cheaper than flying, it also allowed us to stop by Munich and Salzburg, the latter being pretty nearby the main city of Bavaria.
I had been to both the cities when I was younger on a school trip, something like … 9years ago? Oh Lord, time’s flying by. I was really excited to confront my memories to the current reality, excited to see what had changed and what had not. Well … from what I remember, nothing has changed much. Salzburg left me the same impression : a jewel or a doll house city. Everything is pretty, small, neat, delicate and … expensive too!The difference in atmospheer, people and just generally everything with Germany is pretty noticeable, despite them being so close. Bavaria already feels like a little country inside of Germany, but Austria also feels different.
Austria is beautiful. The cities, the architecture, the countryside, the streets… everything almost looks perfect. Too perfect to me maybe?
I don’t think I would like to spend a long time there, but it’s definitely a nice, very nice! city to visit, especially when the weather is good.
Ah reading those words I make it sound like I didn’t like Salzburg, don’t get me wrong, I did like it!
It’s just… not my kind of city I guess!
But pictures will speak better than words!


























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  1. Emy!!! I was in Salzburg just over a month ago!! I loved every bit of my stay in Austria – both Vienna and Salzburg. Most memorable activity was the hike up the Kapuzinerberg mountain!

  2. Ohhh, I loved Austria, soo beautiful,the reason why I like cities like that it’s because here where I live haven’t streets, building, sights like that,here in Brazil we cannot find any castle or something like that, so I tend to like different things.. Brazil remenbers a little bit of Malasya you know.. and you’re used to see things like castles, and stuff, keep up writing this I love to read about your trips and adventures and also to watch your You Tube channel :3

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