My favourite churches.

I have a soft spot for religious buildings, of all sorts. Since I have travelled mostly in Europe, most of the buildings I have visited are churches, but I am fine with that. As much as I love most religious aesthethics, I have an even softer spot for Christian aesthethics. Therefore, whenever I am travelling and wherever I am travelling, I make sure to visit as many religious buildings as possible. I am lucky enough that most of my friends (and my sister) have never complained at all, partly because they know I will enter every church I see no matter what, and because they enjoy it as well.

You really don’t have to be religious at all to enjoy the beauty of those buildings, that are architectural treasures and in my opinion, some of the most impressive edifices human beings have built. And they are … most of the time, free. Bref, it’s all very good.

Some of the most beautiful churches I have seen are in Italy, but Russia is pretty impressive as well. There are a few that I have yet to enter, and which are on my list of  “absolutely must see soon”.

So here are for you, some of my favourite churches :


DSC04587 (3684 x 2448)


DSC04583 (2456 x 1632)

How amazing is this blue church?! It’s located in Bratislava, and is one of my absolute favourites! Not only is it blue, but it looks as though it is made of some sort of dough and is very unique. I haven’t seen any other church that resembles it (even just a tiny bit)!



I chose to not spam you with Budapest …. but there are many many many churches I adore in Budapest. I have been there about 5 times already, and always fall in awe at new ones and amazing architecture. Those two pictures are of the amazing basilica, that you’ve seen many many times already on this blog.






Blue on the outside, red on the inside, incredibly impressive… Kiev and St Andrew were pretty amazing. I would love to go back and explore the city a lot more (and find new churches as well!).




Kiev again, in all its glory!







As I wrote earlier in this post, Moscow has some of the most beautiful religious buidlings I have ever seen. Pictures don’t even pay them justice, they are beyond impressive and gorgeous.





Köln, Germany and its amazing cathedral. Very dark, very gothic and very tall. Also I made two friends that day.


Germany again, with this little church in Munich. Probably one of the most beautiful indoors I have seen in my whole life. Many would perhaps find it too much or over the top, but that’s exactly why I loved it so much. I am sorry that I don’t have more pictures but the quality is terrible… so you’ll have to believe me when I say it is mindblowing.



Salzburg and some more blues. I cannot help it, I just love blue a lot. (perhaps too much). My sister and I had arrived in Salzburg very early in the morning, after a night train from Budapest and stepping into this little church, sitting for a while and listening to the classical music they were playing was a delight, that made it even more charming.


Venice and this amazing church (it might be a cathedral), that I have unfortunately never visited. That’s one more reason to go back to Venice!



I am pretty sure most of you saw that coming. Writing a post about churches/cathedrals/basilicas and not including pictures of Santa Maria del Fiore is almost impossible. I will be honest though, the inside is pretty disappointing. It is not ugly, but the outside is so impressive that it sets really high expectations for the inside, which … happens to not satisfy. But maybe that’s just me!



SAM_5379 (4104 x 2736)

SAM_5398 (4104 x 2736)

A church in Lisbon, which name I have forgotten… My bad. But look at all this gold!

SAM_2157 (4104 x 2736)

SAM_2180 (4104 x 2736)

And last but not least, the Aachen Cathedral. This one is a Roman Catholic church and therefore has a very interesting look to it. I am more used to Gothic or Rococo churches, but Roman ones are also incredibly beautiful. This one reminded me of San Marco in Venice (not mentioned because pictures aren’t allowed inside…).

There would be many many more to mention, like Loreta Church in Praha (I still regret not paying to get the authorization to take pictures… ah!), and I have a lot more pictures that I could share with you but that’s already a lot.

Do you like religious buildings? and if yes which ones are you favourites?

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  1. Amazing! I’m going to France for an year in august and hope to find and visit lots of churches during my stay.

  2. Wow. I thought that the Russian Cathedral in Nice was amazing but all these are all just stunning.

    1. Eastern Europe has some truly beautiful architectural gems!

  3. Wow… the Köln church is probably my favorite. In person it must be amazing, thinking of the history and people throughout the years. Yes I like religious buildings, but in the U.S. they don’t even compare to those.

    1. It’s indeed a very impressive and gorgeous building!

    2. Stefanie Callista says: Reply

      Koln is absolutely amazing!

  4. Amazing. I love so much the blue tones. Showing all these different architectures and style really makes me travel. I looove it. One doesn’t have to be religious to appreciate beauty 🙂 Thanks!!

  5. I thought Matthias Church in Budapest was very nice, didn’t go inside for some reason but next time I definitely will. Also just to note you actually inspired my trip to Budapest since you talked about it so much, I absolutely loved it and its now one of my favourite places!

  6. I have been absent for some time, but now I remember why I used to love this site. Thank you, I will try and check back more often. How frequently you update your web site?

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