About me



My name is Emy, not Antastesia. Though you’ll find me on various social media under that name. It is also highly possible that you’re coming from my YouTube channel, if yes hey there! If not, you can check out my videos here.

I am in my 20s, french and living in Paris. I moved here to study linguistics and literature, in both of which I am currently completing a Master Degree. Unlike most travel bloggers, (am I even one?), I am not a freelance writer, I haven’t travelled through 50 countries, haven’t lived in South East Asia nor sold everything that I own to live a nomadic lifestyle. I don’t own that many things anyway, except for books.

I have never travelled as a child nor a teenager, at least not before turning 19. Not because I didn’t want to, but simply because my parents could never afford travelling. Discovering that I could travel was a revelation, and after my first trip through Eastern Europe and Russia in 2011 I was hooked. Since then I have made an extensive list of places I want to visit and explore. The list grows longer every year. (or month).

I have a predilection for Eastern Europe, Japan and religious buildings.

I have never been an organized person, which explains why this blog might end up being all over the place. I love teaching french, literature, learning languages (I speak french, english, japanese and a little bit of german), writing and exchanging with people.

I’m a feminist, a vegan and like to speak up for what I believe in. Which means you won’t see any posts or riding elephants, enjoying body parts of our animal friends or any of the like on here.

However, I’ll try to keep it organized (at least more than my Youtube channel)… So what can you expect to find here?

Posts about my travels, some feelings here and there, many stories about people and a little touch of social justice (probably disguised as rants). Don’t expect to find tips or reviews on hostels, restaurants or bars. But stay stay! If you’re looking for something personal, honest and story times from an overly sensitive and curious french person, you’re at the right place!

Hopefully you find something that inspires you, entertains you and feels relatable. If anything, I just wish to convey through words and photography my love for little things, people, nature and cultures.