Bella Firenze.

There’s a city I haven’t properly written about yet, and since I’ll be soon there again with my sister this time, I’ve been reading a lot about it&therefore a lot of memories came back to my mind, making me want to write a post about it. I’ve expressed my enthusiasm about Venice a lot, maybe […]

Volare. Cantare.

I definitely am tired of the cloudy weather here in Paris. I’m OVER it. Where is spring? Where the hell are the sun, the flowers, the cool temperatures, the birds, the thin cardigans and the sunny afternoons spent in parks? And even more annoying and unfair, it looks like it’s especially cloudy on the weekends. […]


I’m baaaack! Hurray!Let’s clarify this, I’m not that happy to be back from Italy, but to be back on the internet. I had no computer for the last week, which was quite annoying, especially since I have this post to write about my recent trip to Italy.So here we go! With a friend we chose […]